Decks de l'utilisateur: darksidious

Nom Description N. Date
No time for honor ! Just a kling -try 26 14 nov. 2004
Secret Conspiracy Quite easy ... just play events with PaP and GuyS; earn 30 points this way and complette two missions. With many event and event circulation by Jzia and Sarina, you can make ur NU ro;ulans unstoppables and increase their attributes. 49 1 janv. 1970
Confession solver Here's my starfleet confession deck; strong and fast to resolve mission; with some great combos to counter ennemy event strategy; Just play a treachery person and use confess with him. Protected by bashir, also combos with Kirk. hm next step will be the new kira fed-ds9 I don't have yet put dilemma... I'm not good for that 31 1 janv. 1970