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Keyword Bluegill.

Name E R ID Cost Species I C S Icons Text
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·Dexter Remmick Alien Thrall 31 V 36 3 Human 2 5 7 [Stf][E] Exobiology Intelligence Officer Security 2 Treachery
Bluegill. While this personnel is facing a dilemma, if he is present with three or more Bluegill personnel, he cannot be placed in an opponent's brig or stopped.
·Gregory Quinn Alien Courier 31 V 37 3 Human 3 7 5 [Cmd][E] Archaeology Biology Leadership Treachery
Admiral. Bluegill. When your Bluegill personnel present is about to be killed, you may stop that personnel and discard a Bluegill personnel from hand to prevent that.
·Savar Alien Pawn 49 V 45 4 Vulcan 3 7 7 [Cmd][E] Diplomacy Law Officer Science Transporters Treachery
Admiral. Bluegill. When you fail a mission attempt involving this personnel, if there are one or less dilemmas overcome at this mission, you may kill him to unstop each of your stopped Bluegill personnel present.