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Name E R ID Cost Text
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Enemy in your Midst 3 C 43 1 Infiltration. Morph. Plays in your core.
Order - Destroy this event to place any number of your Infiltrators at one mission aboard a ship at the same mission.
Seeing Double 7 C 30 2 Morph. Choose one: Place your Founder from your headquarters mission aboard a ship; or exchange any number of your [Dom] personnel at your headquarters mission with an equal number of your personnel aboard a ship. Destroy this event.
·Clarity 14 R 24 2 Morph. To play this event, you must command two Founders. Plays in your core. When your Consume dilemma places any number of dilemmas beneath an opponent's mission, you may destroy this event to choose one of those dilemmas and return it to your dilemma pile.
Name E R ID Text
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Pseudopod 3 R 76 Infiltration. Morph.
Order - Return your Infiltrator to his or her owner's hand to randomly kill an opponent's personnel present with that Infiltrator.
We're Everywhere 3 C 79 Morph. When your Shape-shifter is killed, download a Shape-shifter.