Mazzi dell'utente: garak

Nome Descrizione N. Data
Romulan This deck is based on commanders, with many events to score points. If you are able to play Getting Under Your Skin during first turns, you can score even more points. 65 16 lug 2004
Bajoriano Deck based on strong integrity personnel. 48 1 gen 2003
Maquis The strength of this deck is to solve 3 missions with the same requirements. All ships (except a universal one) have their commanders. The 10 points of Smuggling run allow to lose some points to use counters and Organized Terrorist Activities (very useful, along with Retaliation, to subtract important cards to opponent). 41 1 gen 2003
Voyager There's coffee in that nebula 22 24 gen 2022
FT Sealed Deck Deck used in Fractured Time Sealed Deck tournament in June 2020 61 23 giu 2020