Decks des utilisateurs

Nom Utilisateur Description Date
test tpkirk tets 27 août 2020
FT Sealed Deck garak Deck used in Fractured Time Sealed Deck tournament in June 2020 23 juin 2020
1 sst-3 1 29 déc. 2019
The Dunn Brothers bandana8472 Premiere Romulan 18 juil. 2013
George the Animal Steele will be NO FACTOR bandana8472 20-Card Dilemma Pile 30 mai 2013
You Got Jealous Eyes, Brother bandana8472 Anthropology-Denial Dilemma Pile 23 mai 2013
rrom redalucard rom 7 mai 2012
space race redalucard yes 28 avr. 2012
sf redalucard sf 28 avr. 2012
treach redalucard treach 21 avr. 2012
vulcans redalucard 21 avr. 2012
bajoran redalucard 6 mars 2012
The Cream of the Crop bandana8472 TNG Science 24 août 2011
History Beckons the Macho Man bandana8472 Cardassian Dreyfus 24 août 2011
Cup of Coffee in the Big Time bandana8472 Klingon Warrior's Birthright 24 août 2011
infiltratoter eberlems same as before just kill all using pseudopod Ishara Yar missing in this db here 3 juin 2011
Ferengi arsenus 24 août 2010
Maquis arsenus 23 août 2010
Federation arsenus 23 août 2010
DS9 arsenus 23 août 2010
Klingon arsenus 23 août 2010
Romulien arsenus 23 août 2010
Dominion arsenus 22 août 2010
Borg arsenus 22 août 2010
Cardassian arsenus 22 août 2010
#1 Federation Deck goldbaron357 I just modified and expanded my Federation starter deck... Still working on fine tuning it... 8 oct. 2009
Dominion Xb eberlems July online turnament deck 2fw, 2fl 1 juil. 2009
Cardassia XII eberlems DLM / Regional Berlin 09 9 mai 2009
Dominion IXb eberlems DM 08 Deck Day 2 (Vorta) 9 juin 2008
Dominion IXa eberlems DM 08 Deck Day 1 (Vorta) 3 juin 2008
Genesis/Vinter Peterhelm Vinterdeck that solves Genesis Planet with McCoy and then Aid Lost Colony. Use Kirk over and over reporting him cheap aboard the USS Enterprise. 30 mai 2008
Dominion X eberlems DM 09 Day1 12th place of 19 27 mai 2008
Dominion IX eberlems DLM Bay 08 Deck (Vorta) 17 mai 2008
Cardassia IX eberlems and add maybe arcturus baran + tox utat 3 mai 2008
Androids for ever reglias A nice little Android Deck. I play this version vor quite some time, it works very good for me. 21 avr. 2008
Dissidenten auf Terok Nor reglias So das ist meine erste Version eines Dissidenten Decks. Ziel des Decks ist es das gegnerische Deck zu discarden und ueber Kotra dann Punkte fuer discardete Personen zu bekommen. Sollte das eigene Deck ausrennen und es ist noch nicht soweit, dass man sicher gewinnt ist Back to Basics und In A Mirror Darkly da um das Deck wieder aufzufuellen. Der Dilemma Pile ist aufs toeten ausgelegt um den Gegner auch diese Resourcen zu nehmen. Kann der genger nichts mehr machen und man hat mehr Punkte zieht man das deck leer. 21 avr. 2008
Infiltratot eberlems new pseudopod version 18 avr. 2008
Dominion VIII eberlems LM BW 2008, Lamat'Ukan missing :( 12 avr. 2008
Cardassia DM 07 eberlems my German Championship 2007 Deck 9 juin 2007
Dominion VII eberlems An attempt for an Infiltration Pseudopod Deck 12 mars 2006
Borg Delta Solver, Worlds 2005 bajoransisko 12 juil. 2005
this dck need a gud name netnerd i need help comin up wit a gud name 4 this deck. if u have any ideas email me at 10 juil. 2005
Kirk, Worlds 2005 bajoransisko 20 juin 2005
Dominion DM 05 eberlems My Deck from the German Championship. 4 Wins in 6 Games. 7 juin 2005
Control homer It's not to hard to play. Make sure you have the Pressures out as quick as you can. Once out with a captive they stengthen the Dilemmas big time. If you have any comments/suggestions e-mail me at 8 mai 2005
Dominion V eberlems My TOC Deck only full wins. 6 mai 2005
Cardassia IVa eberlems Mein Bayrisches Vizemeisterdeck der LM 25 mars 2005
Borg Bay LM 05 eberlems Deck von Marcus Kroschinsky an der Bayrischen LM 22 mars 2005
Cardassian andreas It can be great, if... 13 mars 2005
Cardassia IV eberlems LM BW 05 Deck Platz 1 26 janv. 2005
No time for honor ! darksidious Just a kling -try 14 nov. 2004
Klingons, Worlds 2004 bajoransisko 16 août 2004
The Emmisarry and his People bucsfan1 This deck Also runs 2 copies of Team of ambassadors. 29 juil. 2004
Romulan garak This deck is based on commanders, with many events to score points. If you are able to play Getting Under Your Skin during first turns, you can score even more points. 16 juil. 2004
I won Worlds with this deck bajoransisko 7 juil. 2004
Dominion I eberlems This was my Dominion Deck on the DM 04. I got the 12th place with 4 wins. Markus Eberlein 21 juin 2004
Mutants Everywhere JaglomShrek This deck soon changed it's name to "The Adventures of Captain Watters" and made a Runner-Up at the Hamburg TOC and brought me to the 2004 European Continental Champiopnship quarter-finals (undefeated before but lost that game). 24 avr. 2004
Bajoriano garak Deck based on strong integrity personnel. 1 janv. 2003
Maquis garak The strength of this deck is to solve 3 missions with the same requirements. All ships (except a universal one) have their commanders. The 10 points of Smuggling run allow to lose some points to use counters and Organized Terrorist Activities (very useful, along with Retaliation, to subtract important cards to opponent). 1 janv. 2003
DS9, Territorials 2004 bajoransisko 1 janv. 1970
Secret Conspiracy darksidious Quite easy ... just play events with PaP and GuyS; earn 30 points this way and complette two missions. With many event and event circulation by Jzia and Sarina, you can make ur NU ro;ulans unstoppables and increase their attributes. 1 janv. 1970
Confession solver darksidious Here's my starfleet confession deck; strong and fast to resolve mission; with some great combos to counter ennemy event strategy; Just play a treachery person and use confess with him. Protected by bashir, also combos with Kirk. hm next step will be the new kira fed-ds9 I don't have yet put dilemma... I'm not good for that 1 janv. 1970